Friday, April 5, 2013

Calling All LDS Beekeepers

This message is an invitation to all LDS beekeepers, or have an interest in having a backyard hive to pollinate your garden and fruit trees, to make yourself known here on this blog. We can connect, learn more about beekeeping, and with some cooperation, perhaps even save each other some money in the process. We can also do the Lord's will by helping insure we can 'provide for our own', be ' anxiously engaged in a good cause', and follow the counsel of church leaders to prepare for the days of tribulation.

One reason NOW is a great time to become a beekeeper is that there is a growing trend to start with the simpler and less expensive Top Bar beehives opposed to the traditional Langstroth hives

In fact, a recent radio news story pointed out that there is a growing trend in women becoming beekeepers.
Here's one young woman inspecting the comb in her Top Bar hive.
(In all fairness, I do recommend new beekeepers begin by wearing protective bee suit of some kind, until you become more confident and experienced with the bees. You will then be able to 'sense' when it's safe to tend the hive without the gear, and when it would be wise to 'suit up'.)

Again, this is an invitation to all the brothers and sisters of the Warrensburg Missouri Stake who are beekeepers or who would like to become a beekeeper, to 'connect' and help each other. We talk a lot about food storage and gardening. Bees pollinate our gardens. It is wisdom to insure we take action to insure we have bees that can pollinate our gardens... so that in very difficult times we will be able to feed our families.

I'd like to conclude this message by simply saying...
I think the Lord looks especially favorably upon... bees... and beekeepers.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Canning Jar Earthquake Barrier" subject of online broadcast

The "Canning Jar Earthquake Barrier" will be one of the subjects discussed during an online broadcast Thursday, November 29th, at 6 p.m. The premier episode of "The Paladin Prepper Report" on The Prepper Broadcasting Network will feature news and commentary, a 'space weather' update, the 'The Great Earthquake Barrier', and 'call-in' audience participation. To visit "The Paladin Prepper Report" page, click HERE!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Canning Jar Earthquake Barrier"

It's a great thing to have shelves filled with food which you have, with great time and effort, canned into glass jars against a time of want. However, it would be a tragedy and a great loss to your family if all those jars came crashing to the floor if the slightest tremor of an earthquake came through your area. Take action now to put in place a retaining barrier that would hold those glass jars in place. After your 'Canned Good Earthquake Barrier' is in place on each shelf, add padding of some kind around each jar, or cardboard dividers between jars to prevent breakage.

To watch Paladin Prepper's "Canned Good Earthquake Barrier" video, click HERE!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

From 'LDS Prepper': "Back To Eden Garden Update: 1st Month"

"This is my first update since we laid down the tree mulch. I also talk about how to get free tree mulch and free fire wood. The Back to Eden concept works great not only on vegetable gardens but flower beds and mulch around trees. It also makes a great walk way. The mulch is doing a really good job of hold water. This helps with drainage problems, keeping the plants moist and cooling the ground on hot summer days. I am very pleased with the results so far. I'll update as things progress."
   - LDS Prepper

To watch "Back To Eden Garden Update: 1st Month",
click HERE!

Self Watering Rain Gutter Grow System

As you will notice in the right column of The Latter-day Prepper blog, there is a place for 'selected' non-member videos. I've come acorss which may not be for everyone, but certainly seems to be a viable option.

Watch the videos, below, in sequence so you can see how the Rain Gutter Grow System is set up, then watch the 'update' so you can see the in use and the prolific results.

Self Watering Rain Gutter Grow System

Rain Gutter Grow System Update

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

'Paladin Prepper' creates his "Back to Eden" garden

Paladin Prepper celebrates the arrival of a heaping mound of mulch for his Back to Eden Garden and introduces the viewer to the Gorilla Cart. To watch the video, click HERE!

'LDS Prepper' creates a "Back to Eden" garden in his back yard

Latter-day Saints are gaining a testimony of the 'Back to Eden' garden concept, and are taking action. Watch this video where (Brother) LDSPrepper creates a 'Back to Eden' garden in his back yard:
To watch the video, click HERE!